About this site

There’s been complaints that this website was overly cryptic about who I am. To that end, a thumbnail biography follows:


Due to spam and shifting jobs, many of the previous email addresses I've used are no longer operational. However paul (at) agapow.net will work. I’m always interested in hearing of jobs, employment or collaborations.


Some tracks I’ve left elsewhere on the web include:

  • I’m on Twitter, but this is a work identity: I talk mainly about disease and computational biology. My feed was once described as "a constant torrent of misery and suffering". Ditto LinkedIn.
  • There are various other social media profiles, but they're for friends and family and I'm trying to kick social media.
  • I can also be found on Meetup, where I help run the Bioinformatics London, the London-on-Board board game club and the London Country & Folk group.