Transmorphing Killer Robot Movie

Coming to a screen near you

Scene: a suburban back yard. A giant alien ROBOT is crouched hiding behind the house, talking to a teenage BOY.

BOY: Mr Robot, now that you’re on Earth, how will you hide from your evil robot enemies? And the military, who would like to dismantle and study you? While not panicking the general public by your very existence?

ROBOT: It is easy, human boy. I can transform my shape such that I resemble an ordinary Earth automobile. Shall I show you?

BOY: Yes please!

The colossal robot begins to shift in shape. Pieces of armour slide and coalesce. Gears whir, beams retract. Super-structure folds and compacts the towering mechanism until it transforms into a beige 1987 Toyota Camry.

ROBOT: Get in.


ROBOT: You’ll need to clear the seat off first. Just put all that stuff in the back.

BOY: Uh, alright. Is there music or a sound system …?

ROBOT: There is a tape deck.


ROBOT: Unfortunately, Men Without Hats' "Rhythm of Youth" is stuck in there. Perhaps if you press the eject button repeatedly, you can get it out.


ROBOT: Also, the passenger side door doesn’t shut properly.