The Kwazy Kwistmas Kwiz

Pub quizzes for the overly dedicated boardgamer

For my sins, I've been running the Christmas pub quiz at London-on-Board for several years. (The reason it's named as above have been lost to the mists of time.) As boardgamers, it's not enough to have a straight quiz of course. No, that would be too easy. Thus the quiz is strewn with various gamified aspects like picking (or trading) questions, betting on other teams, rounds with trick questions, gimmick rounds, trick answers, puzzles and occasionally some boardgaming knowledge.

Frankly, it doesn't always work. The actual quiz is rife with errors, appeals to the judges, corrections, chicanery, bribes, outrage and dickery. But we have fun.

The below is an archive of the what kwiz kwestions I've managed to recover. If you use these ... well, you were warned.

Thanks to Ronan Rice, my fellow Kwiz-master for many years.