Extracting images from MSWord

A simple problem, solved in a simple way.

The problem

Sometimes, you need to extract and save an image that is part of a Microsoft Word document, that you can't get any other way. For example, you might need a copy of an institutional logo that is only present as part of a template document. (Thanks HPA directorate.) Strangely, Word makes this quite difficult. Once a picture has been imported into a document, it's integrated there - forever. No save or export commands or options are provided for the now-native image, you can only change the image or delete it.

The solution

There are lots of suggested solutions on the web: drag to desktop (didn't work for me), save as a .docx, unzip and extract the assets (ditto), paste into a Powerpoint document (missing the point there). Buts there's a simple and obvious solution: save the document as HTML. This will produce a webpage and a folder (called blahblah_files). The image(s) will be in this folder. Easy.

Technical details

Windows XP64, Word97.