Rdoc, the essentials

A short memory jogger.
= Top level title

== 2nd level / sub-title


A horizontal rule is at least 4 dashes


Text can be _italic_, *bold* or +monospaced typewriter+.

   Verbatim / literal text is indented. But look out
   if it's after a list, as they must be idented to a
   different extent


   * Indent your lists and use stars

   * or hyphens, if you wish

   [definition1] you write them like this

   [definition2] and the lines can loop over to
                 the next, so long as they line up

   Alternatively:: do labelled lists like this

   Do you see:: I'm sure you do

   1. This is a ...

   2. ... numbered list

   a. This is


Urls / links can be written {like this}[http://go.to/here]


Now for special characters:

em-dash::  -- or ---
ellipsis:: ...
single quotes:: 'text' or `text'
double quotes:: "text" or ``text''

After all that, I'd actually recommend that you use Yard for documenting Ruby code. It's nicer and more powerful.