Arx cheatsheet

Setting up Arx

arx my-id 'A Cryptic Moniker <>'
    Set up your identity.
arx my-editor vi
    Set your default editor for changing logs etc.
arx make-archive ~/Documents/Arx/Commits
    Set up an archive.
arx my-default-archive
    Make an archive your default.
arx my-revision-library
    Set up the revision library (optional).

Creating an archive

arx create-version myproj--main--1.0
    Create an archive for this version of the main branch of myproj.
    Note that this must be done on the smae level or above the files to
    be archived and that the folder must be called myproj. (MacOS allows
    case ambiguity.)
arx add Docs Src
    Add the listed files to the list of sources (i.e. those to be
arx commit
    Commit the source files to the archive. Takes a while to run.

Updating an archive

arx make-log
    Create the log for the commit that is about to happen (required).
arx commit
    Commit the updated source files to the archive and increment patch
    revision number.
arx delete myoldfile.txt
    Remove file from list of sources.
arx create-version myproj--main--1.1
    Increment minor revision number and create archive for it as above.

Querying Arx

arx categories
    Return the project names.
arx versions myproj--main
    Ask what versions have been archived for myproj--main. If no project
    or branch is provided, show all.
arx revisions myproj--main
    Ask what revisions have been committed for the project myproj--main.