Viral nervous necrosis (VNN) is a severe neuropathological disease affecting a broad variety of finfish species worldwide. The causative agent of VNN is a small virus with a bi-segmented RNA genome known as betanodavirus. At least four genotypes with distinct, but yet insufficiently characterized, epidemiological features are recognized. The infectivity of VNN to an increasing number of host species, its wide geographical extent and its economical and ecological impact, justify the importance of collating as much molecular data as possible for tracing the origin of an isolate, and highlight the need for a freely accessible tool for epidemiological and molecular data sharing and consultation. For this purpose, we established a web-based betanodavirus database using the platform, with the aim of collecting molecular and epidemiological information on VNN virus, with relevance to its control, management and research study.


Mikkelsen, Panzarin, Jonstrup, Bigarré, Baud, Gray, Agapow, Olesen (2015). a free and handy online platform for Betanodavirus targeted research and data sharing. Journal of Fish Diseases, v38:755-760. DOI: 10.1111/jfd.12378