Academic job ad red flags

Words you don't want to read in a job description
"competitive salary":
Like several other terms on this list, this phrase is can be used in a completely sincere manner: We pay decently. If we offer you the job, then we'll negotiate. Unfortunately, it is just as frequently used as a way of avoiding the subject of remuneration, in the hope that by the time you learn the unfortunate truth, you'll give in due to sunk time and effort.
An institution or award that feels the need to tell you that it's famous and well-regarded, usually isn't.
"salary band":
Encountered in the job search process at the beginning and the end with different meanings. At the beginning it appears in the job ad as "salary band for the successful applicant will be $X to $Y". At the end it appears in the offer letter "it is our policy to appoint at the bottom of the salary band".
We pay poorly and expect you to work long hours.
If the word "manager" is used in any context other than actually managing people, it's just a blatant way of puffing up an menial infrastructure job. (A recruiter actually once confessed this to me.) "Director" is beginning to assume the same meaning.
"starting pay is low but ..."
Your pay will be low.
"... there's plenty of scope for advancement, the sky's the limit"
Your pay will be low.
"critical duties":
This is a great litmus test of whether the employer has a realistic attitude to what can be done. I once came across a job description that listed 72 "key responsibilities", which is 29 minutes per responsibility per week. And remember - the listed duties are just the start. There will always be more, always things that were forgotten or get added later.
"essential skills":
Much like critical duties, this is a good test of realism. If the job ad is asking for "substantial experience in bioinformatics support" and "10 years in Java 2EE development" and "a record of publication in top journals", you may rightly expect that the employer is thinking of several different people.
"10% of your time will be devoted to ...":
At least 10% (and probably much more) of your time will be devoted to ...
"Send in 3 copies of your application":
What is this - the 1970s?
"Must be able to perform under pressure":
We're going subject you to an undifferentiated torrent of demands, stress and chaos.
"Must be flexible / dynamic role":
There's no job description. Alternatively, if we told you what the job actually entails, you'd never apply.
"lively social club":
The work site is in the middle of nowhere.