Simple utilties for Plone product initilisation and installation.

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  • Plone product


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This library was developed for personal use during the bad old days of Plone development around version 2.5. It almost certainly does not work with Plone 3+ and is kept here for historical interest.

This library originated from a desire to do away with the large amount of boilerplate code required to bootstrap a Plone product. It provides installer, deinstaller and initaliser classes that provide reasonable default behaviour. It uses the old (Plone 2.x) way of installing old-fashioned Products but these are still surprisingly common in these days of egg-ified Plone add-ons (and sometimes easier to write). It won't fit all purposes but does make for quick-and-dirty bootstrapping of a Product.

It also includes some other useful utility functions for Plone, mostly with an eye towards manipulating Plone from the debug prompt.

There are numerous other Products or package that provide similar functionality, including InstallUtils and PloneUtils.


It's a Plone Product. Drop it in your Plone directory.

I suppose a buildout installation would probably work, but I won't guarantee it.